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EPSRC New Horizons Grant

We have been awarded an EPSRC New Horizons grant to explore π-conjugated macrocycles for multielectron photoredox catalysis. The project has been awarded the maximum of £200,000 over the next two years and will be supported by our long-term collaborator Dr Felix Plasser.

Applications for the EPSRC New Horizons call were assessed by a single key criterion: How exciting, high quality and potentially transformative is the research proposed? Press release by Imperial College about this highly competitive scheme and the grants awarded to the university:

The macrocycles of the project, which are related to the macrocycle in our previous work, are designed to overcome the current challenges of accumulation (and transfer) of multiple charges by photoinduced processes. This will extend the scope of photoredox catalysis from single- to multielectron transfer reactions and open up exciting new avenues for solar fuel production and organic synthesis. The project will investigate new experimental approaches and is expected to result in the discovery of molecules and materials with previously unattained properties.


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