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Research Associate position available

We are hiring! Applications are invited for a Research Associate position to work on conjugated macrocycles for photoredox catalysis.

If you are interested and fulfil the requirements, please apply via Imperial's job portal:

Application deadline: 25 July 2021

The position is funded by the EPSRC to investigate Multielectron photoredox catalysts based on charge accumulation in conjugated macrocycles (EP/V048686/1). The project seeks to develop π-conjugated macrocycles for multielectron photoredox catalysis, overcoming the current challenges of accumulation and transfer of multiple charges. It will extend the scope of photoredox catalysis from single- to multielectron transfer reactions, opening up exciting new avenues for solar fuel production and organic synthesis. The work is led by Dr Florian Glöcklhofer and Prof Martin Heeney and supported by Dr Felix Plasser at Loughborough University.

The position will involve both the synthesis and characterisation of functionalised π-conjugated macrocycles and their testing as photoredox catalysts.

Duties and responsibilities

Your main tasks will be:

  • To synthesise and characterise (functionalised) π-conjugated macrocycles for photoredox catalysis

  • To test these macrocycles as photoredox catalysts

  • To take initiatives in the planning of research

  • To direct the work of small research teams

  • To identify and develop suitable techniques for the collection and analysis of data

  • To ensure the validity and reliability of data at all times

  • To curate data for publication in line with the FAIR principles (findability, accessibility, interoperability, and reusability)

  • To maintain accurate and complete records of all findings

  • To write research reports and publications

  • To present findings to colleagues and collaborators and at conferences

Essential requirements

  • Research Associate: PhD (or equivalent) in Organic Chemistry or a closely related field (or equivalent research, industrial or commercial experience) and relevant practical experience

  • Research Assistant: Near completion of a PhD (or equivalent) in in Organic Chemistry or a closely related field (or equivalent research, industrial or commercial experience) and relevant practical experience

  • Knowledge of photoredox catalysis and organic synthesis

You will deliver substantial parts of the research programme of this EPSRC-funded project, supervise students, undertake project management to co-ordinate multiple aspects of the work, and present detailed research outcomes and proposals. In addition, you will write publications for submission to refereed journals.

Further information

This is a full-time, fixed term appointment for 12 months and will be based at the White City Campus.

*Candidates who have not yet been officially awarded their PhD will be appointed as Research Assistant within the salary range of £36,045 - £39,183 per annum.

For further details and requirements, please read the job description:


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